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Coughs and Colds

I see lots of children with coughs and colds in Dubai in my pediatric clinic. Common questions are is it allergy? whats best treatment? why is my son still coughing? In the UK we don't promote over the counter medications with good reason as they are not effective. Allergy is rarely the case especially if there's fever asscoaited with the cough/cold. The cough can last up to 6 weeks and that is NORMAL.


Please look at an article I wrote for a magazine on this:


Coughs and cold article


Remember its good to cough as it stops secretions going into the lung. If its not associated with breathing difficulty, weight loss and lasting for less then 6 weeks at a time its likely normal but do get your child checked out. I am happy to see in my Dubai clinic and will discuss with you need for further investigations in a balanced and evidence-based way.