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Food allergy

Food allergy is on the increase, with milk and egg being most common ones. There is no treatment and of course one must avoid the food. However, the issue is proper testing to ensure the right food is avoided, and not foods uneccessarily leading to malnutrition. History of reaction also very important. A child that is IgE-allergic to food (and so testing is helpful) might have following symptoms:


- reaction EVERTIME eats the food, normally within 1 hour

- swelling of face/lips thats itchy

- vomiting

- itchy rashs (hives) spreading all over body

- wheezing or breathing difficulty in SEVERE reactions


Dr David will take a full history and do appropriate testing for ONLY the foods we suspect. "Panel" testing is not helpful, leading to anxiety and unecessary food avoidance


I attach some useful information about certian food allergies, please click on the links!


Egg allergy


Milk allergy


Fish allergy


Peanut and nut allergy


Fruit allergy - normally called Oral Allergy Syndrome


Sesame allergy


Wheat allergy


Soya allergy


How to avoid different foods leaflet













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