Pediatric & Allergy Clinic in Dubai

Dr David Cremonesini BA(Hons) OXON MBBS FRCPCH PG Cert Allergy

 Email:  Address: American Dubai Hospital, Dubai UAE Phone: 0502594062





Welcome to my Dubai pediatric allergy clinic website


My name is David Cremonesini and I WAS a Consultant Pediatrician trained in UK and have moved to work in Dubai at The American Dubai Hospital.  I now am working in UK and have another website I specialise in allergy / intolerances and respiratory problems but as a General Paediatrician I also treat children with more general problems such as constipation,  poor growth and coughs.


I offer allergy testing including skin prick testing and blood tests to help diagnose food allergies (including nut/peanut allergies), eczema in children, hay fever in children and paediatric asthma.  I also offer immunotherapy treatment for the effective management of hay fever. It's often very hard for families to access the right advice, so hope information written here will help even if we never meet.


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