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Dr David Cremonesini BA(Hons) OXON MBBS FRCPCH MSc Allergy

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What is immunotherapy?


Immunotherapy is the practice of administering gradually increasing doses of allergen extract (eg pollen or house dust mite) to develop tolerance and so reduce future symptoms from repeat exposure to that allergen. Biggest use is for treatment of hayfever and asthma.


Sub-lingual Immunotherapy


This entails placing that allergen under the tongue, every day for different periods of time to induce tolerance. Hayfever is its best use and can be a real benefit in children who take different treatments every day but STILL have problems preventing them leading a normal life. If your child is badly affected and you're worried about future, esp with school exams, this might be an option. It's very safe and done properly, can be effective.


Therapy mainly happens at home and only first dose in hospital. David will remain in regular contact to help you contine the treatment which after a few weeks should be fine and part od daily routine.


Grass pollen immunotherapy


Oralair is a tablet that is an effective treatment for bad hayfever, May-July for children over 5 years of age. In clinic, will test for which pollen and review options for your child


Oralair patient information



Need more information?

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