Pediatric & Allergy Clinic in Dubai

Dr David Cremonesini BA(Hons) OXON MBBS FRCPCH MSc Allergy

 Email:  Address: Parkview Hospital Mediclinic, Dubai Phone: +971 509959479



My Presentations in Dubai - click on title to download

1. Talk to school nurses November 18 2014


Title: Managing asthma and allergies in schools


2. Talk to Paediatric Club November 25 2014


Title: Top tips for managing common respiratory conditions in children


3. Talk to GPs December 10 2014


Title: Managing allergies in Primary Care


4. Asthma Forum for AZK with CME points


Title: Managing childhood asthma - GINA guideline summary


Title: Case studies in Asthma


5. Grand Round American Hospital


Title: Allergic Rhinitis and Immunotherapy


6. Farha Clinic Allergy talk Jan 14 2015


Title: Top tips for managing and testing for allergic problems in children


7. Talk to Emirates GPs Jan 21 2014


Title: Allergic rhinitis, asthma and immunotherapy