Pediatric & Allergy Clinic in Dubai

Dr David Cremonesini BA(Hons) OXON MBBS FRCPCH MSc Allergy

 Email:  Address: Parkview Hospital Mediclinic, Dubai Phone: +971 509959479



Newborn and Infant problems


1. Newborn problems first 6 months


When you get home with your baby you can have many questions/queries especially if it's your first baby. Compared to UK there's little support to help mums, especially as for many they are isolated away from family. Dr David in his pediatric clinic in Dubai would hope to help you with your questions and offer ongoing support via phone or email. This website is a great resource:


Click on "Your newborn"


2. Weaning - Useful website -


Useful information sheet download here   Excellent website to start you off:


3. Sleep Problems


Its all about getting a routine. First thing to address is how are they FALLING asleep. If they fall asleep sucking a bottle or in someone's arms, then of course when they wake up in the night they need that again to fall asleep! Once you've cracked falling asleep then the fun begins with dreaded "controlled crying" really not to try until after 6 months. Here's a useful website as no way can summarise that in a few lines :)

                                                                                     Advice on CO-SLEEPING download here


4. Breastfeeding advice


Here in Dubai it can be diffcult to access breastfeeding support yet often mothers need help especially in first few weeks. This website I hope you will find useful. Keep at it!